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Krishna Holidays
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  Rishikesh, Uttarakhand
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Missing Rafting Season???
Gone are the days of Rafting!!
White river rafting will be started again after the monsoon season when Ganga ji will be in her natural form.
Here sharing a beautiful picture clicked at Cliff jump point.
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Pack Your Bags And Get Ready For Treks
Treks in garhwal gives ample opportunities of trekking to adventure enthusiast. Garhwal Himalayas offers all ranges of trekking tours from soft treks to hard treks as well as trekking expedition.
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Bharat Mandir , Rishikesh
Bharat Mandir in Rishikesh has been mentioned in many religious texts including the Vishnu Puran, Shrimadbhagwat, Mahabharat, Vaman Puran and Narsingh Puran. Lord Hrishikesh known as Shri Bharatji Maharaj is different from Lord Rama's younger brother Bharat.
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Rishikesh Zipline Adventure
Feel the excitement as you flit away over River Ganges with a rip-roaring round of Zipline Rishikesh adventure.In this activity of around 1 hour, you will glide down a sequence of ultra-strong cables or zip lines, attached by a harness and pulley.
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Luxury Cottages Camping In Rishikesh
Camping is perhaps the best way of enjoying the wonders of nature. You can do all the things you always wanted to, away from civilization i.e. laying in the camp while the river sings outside along with the birds, see the glittering stars in the open crystal clear sky.
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Rajaji National Park In Uttarakhand
Rajaji National Park is a beautiful reserve to the east of Haridwar. The park is open from mid-November to mid-June. Winters are the most pleasant time to visit the park i.e. between November and March, when the temperature ranges between 20-25C during the day.
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Deoria Tal Lake Trek In Uttarakhand
Deoria Tal is a lake located about 3 km on an uphill trek from the villages of Mastura and Sari, on the Ukhimath-Chopta road in Uttarakhand. Alternately, one can trek to Deoria Tal from Ukhimath, a fairly comfortable 7 km trek. There are options of overnight camping, jungle trek etc.
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Hurry Up,Book Your Rafting
If you are an adventure junkie and want to beat the heat this summer.. Then White River Rafting in Rishikesh is waiting for you!!!!
Only 15 days left for River Rafting..
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